A Secure, private, and plausibly deniable
Cross-platform Bitcoin brainwallet
Created by MarcDW


This project is a secure Bitcoin brainwallet app that will ultimately be meant for desktop and mobile platforms. It was inspired by reports of incidents of Bitcoin being seized physically at border crossings. People need an option for a brainwallet that is secure and easy to use.

NOWALLET is written in Python, it uses Electrum servers on the back end, and communicates exclusively over Tor. It uses a variant of the 'WarpWallet' technique for key derivation, rather than the typical, highly insecure method that your average brainwallet uses. Here is a basic explanation of the benefits of using the WarpWallet technique


You will be getting a secure brainwallet in a convenient desktop/mobile app, with full native and P2SH SegWit address support. You will only need to remember an email address and passphrase combination, rather than an entire 24 word mnemonic seed.
People are typically more accustomed to remembering a normal set of login info, which will protect users from forgetting or misremembering part of their seed and losing coins forever.
Finally, you will be protecting your privacy by connecting to servers over the Tor network. Optional transactional privacy features STONEWALL and Ricochet, as well as a Personal Server connection setting, are planned to roll out in future releases.

NOWALLET Features:

  • 100% Free and Open Source Software
  • Keep your money in your mind, securely!
  • Easy and intuitive Material Design based UI
  • Full SegWit support out of the box
  • Smart fee estimation and custom fees
  • Replace by Fee support, on by default
  • Live exchange rates and block explorer integration

View source code on GitHub

You can test NOWALLET, view more screenshots, and collaborate with us on Github.

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